The Reinvent Model is an unique approach to collaboration, creativity and innovation that unlocks the collective genius to create engaged, inspired and purpose-driven work.
Reboot teams and organizations with innovative skills that will transform your culture for more engagement and productivity.
Reignite the strategic and creative process so that everyone gets to participate in the fun of making things.
Revolutionize the way corporations and non-profits partner to co-create meaningful social good projects.

Our Mission


Transform the work we do with more connectedness, creativity, purpose and joy.
When we learn to truly listen, 
we free ourselves from needing to have all the answers. 
When we allow a moment for breath, 
we invite in boundless creativity.
When we build on each other’s ideas
we end up with break through innovations. 
When we take responsibility to be present in the moment, 
we have the power to step into the future.

About Us

CEO and Founder, Phyllis Schaeffler Dealy, is an entrepreneur, speaker and creative strategist with more than 23 years experience working with brands and businesses to bring creative ideas to life. She is an improviser, a writer and a passionate advocate for increasing collaboration, empathy and mindfulness in corporate culture.  An active member of the New York chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, she currently lives in Chappaqua, NY with her husband of 16 years, Chris Dealy and their four growing boys – Clay, Sean, Owen and Finnbar.
Reinvent Collaborator and Practice Director, Aubree Nichols, is an organizational change consultant and brand strategist. She spent 10 years in traditional agencies helping companies figure out who they are and what they want to say to the world. She has an affinity for uncovering human truths in creative qualitative research design to unearth insights.
Her new passion is helping teams uncover their potential for collective genius by building capacity, cultivating creativity, and authentic leadership. Her approach is driven by her belief that creativity and effectiveness can co-exist. In addition to her consulting, she is currently in a Gradate program studying Organizational Change Management at The New School. Aubree’s diverse life experiences fuel her writing and her first book titled, A Love Story, is planned for release in early 2017.

Clients/Brand History

We believe the impact of changing the way we work together has profound social and cultural benefits. People that are happier, more engaged and fulfilled at work, will be happier and more engaged in life and at home. Our families, our children and our communities will have more energy and empathy. The more we connect, the more we will thrive.


Reinvent With Us


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